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View Behind ****** On Facebook

So many future news in facebook like  when we type pass in chat it is direct to ******** like that so now I will to know you how to view it. okay check it out and find your job with this method ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Step 1.First of all open up the webpage on which you wanna show the hidden passwords
Step 2. Then in the username there must be the name and in the password there must be ********
Step 3.Now to see the password which is behind the ******** Just copy and paste the following JavaScript into the
address bar of the browser and you are done.

... javascript:(function(){var%20s,F,j,f,i;%20s%20=%20%22%22;

Step 4. After copying and pasting the JavaScript given above press the enter key and hidden passwords will be shown to you..Just it's for the step do and get it .

;;;;May be I am not the first for it but I will make something different dmari;;;;
               ;;;It's not GAME for me but It's the real JOB;;;;;;;

I hope you are  like this post and give you are comment have fun and enjoy


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