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Today DP will teach you'll how to send home-made email,what i mean it's a way to send anonymous email with out any program,it is bit complicated but it can make in a short time,

Here We Start :D

Go To Start, Then Run
You Have To Telnet (Xserver) on port 25
Well, (in this Xserver) put the name of a server
without the () of cource
Put It in (Xserver)because it always work it is a
server with many bugs in it.
(25) mail port.
So now we are like this.
telnet 25
and then you hit enter
Then When you have telnet open put the following like it is written
and the machine will reply with smth.
Notice for newbies: If you do not see what you are writing go to Terminal's menu (in telnet) then to Preferences and in the Terminal Options you tick all options available and in the emulation menu that's the following one you have to tick the second option.
Now you will see what you are writing.
then you put:
mail from:< whoeveryouwant@whetheveryouwant.whetever.whatever> and so on...
If you make an error start all over again
mail from:<>
You hit enter and then you put:
rcpt to:<lamer@lamer'>
This one has to be an existance address as you are mailing anonymously to him.
Then you hit enter
And you type
and hit enter once more
Then you write
Subject: whatever
And you hit enter
you write your mail
hit enter again (boring)
you put a simple:
Yes you don't see it it’s the little F**king point!
and hit enter
Finally you write
hit enter one more time
and it's done

look: Try first do it with yourself I mean mail anonymously yourself so you can test it!
Don't be asshole and write f**king e-mails to big corps. Because its symbol of stupidity and childhood and it has very much effect on Hackers they will treat you as a Lamer!

F*** you lukman dont copy o0o


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