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Dark Story Tutorial

Here's the step that he didnt show to us!

Q: How to Edit the rates.
Ans: There's a file called droprate.bin in resource folder inside the server folder, edit it with your packingtool.exe It should look like this!
#EXP 100.0
#ITEM 350.0
#ABIL 10000.0
The number After the Description is your rate change it as you like, if you didnt find this file dont hesitate to create one!

Here the step by step tutorial with images to guide you (Basic knowledge of how you can change npc shop item, for example: sell cash item or pets in shop):

Step 1:
you will need this PackingTool.exe inside your ms_data folder.

open it.

Step 2:
When this application is open, click open BIN. and a list will appear. First open Dealitem.bin, if you cant find the list that should be like the image, you should go to your server folder which is the same place with ms_data folder, inside got a folder call resource. Dealitem.bin is located inside.

Step 3 (Dealitem.bin Explaination):
As you can see, the picture below is label with 3 number with red circle circling some text.
Use the number to see the explanation clearly.
Number 1: this is the name of the item. you could basicly put any name.
Number 2: This is the Item Code.
Number 3: If you use 0 0 in the box, it will create an empty space in the npc shop. So basicly that is how they devide the skill box in seller npc.

Tips: when you seperate the item code and item name, user TAB not SPACE Bar.

Step 4 (how to know the item code and item name):
As you have come to this post, i suppose you have already succesfully setup your server and running well. You will will know how to open your RMTool_MY_07032701.exe. In this step you will need to open just that, we use that to check on the item code.
Open Up RMTool

Click on the first button and a box will pop-up.
On number 1 put in your login ID, any will do.
After it have finish searching, some name list will appear in the Number 2 Line, Double click it.

A new box will pop-up, just like the image below.
If you know what RMtool do is, you can give character item so basicly you can give any item including cash item. After choosing which item you want to know the item code, put your crosshair over it, and a small pop-up will appear, just like the image below.
This image below show : ITEM: 特級教官披風 (55908)
特級教官披風 is the item name
55908 is the item code

Step 5 (putting item):
The only problem now after you acquire the itme code is, which npc is which. Now this really is a big headache for me at first but i manage to figured it out.
First go into the game and check which npc seller you would like to customize, then write down the item he got. After knowing which item he sell, go to RMTool and check the item code. go to The PackingTool and find the code, which npc fits all the code and then WALAH, thats the npc you want.
In the image, the Number 1 got 1 - 7. That is the tab of the seller, every seller got 7 tabs and 1 tab consist of 30 spaces.
As you can see i circle the text label it as Number 2, this is an example of how you put your item.

And that is the basic idea of how to put item in npc.
Your not finish yet, even you put it in there, you havent change some of the price yet.
Now redo Step 2 but this time, open Itemlist.bin
Step 6 (price changing):
After opening ItemList.bin the box will appear as of the image below:
the Number 1 in the image indicate the Item Code.
Number 2 indicate the item name
Number 3 Is the price of the item.
Price of the item is always on the same position ( count from the numberical is on 4th)
Warning : Do not change cash item price, your server and game will not starts!

After your done with this, you will next to replace your Dealitem.bin and ItemList.bin file into your game folder Resource folder. If not you will not get any changes.

And thats the main idea of shop cuztomize and price tag changing!


Q: How to update my server files!
Ans: Easy, just copy everything inside your client resource folder and place it inside you server resource folder, overwrite everything and your good to go...(This server doesn't support TITAN version of the game)

Q: Why is it my RMTool is not updated.
Ans: Cause you have to update the resource folder inside the ms_data/rmtool resource folder, do it like you did in the above question!

Q: How to use my GMTOOL_MY_07032701.exe, what is it for?
Well for this server it's abit special, this client is actually for GM's as it contain alot of command like spawning and changing rate and event, All you have to do is use rmtool to change your account to GM and login your account into the game, when in the game press you Left ALT+ENTER. It will pop out a box asking you to type in Acc and pass, you place in the account that you use to active you Servertool and it will dissapear, dont worry press Left ALT+ENTER again and a box of command will appear!

Q: Cant login to my game!
Ans: You'll have to use Packingtool.exe to edit the serverlist.bin in you client folder's ini folder, there a file called serverlist.bin edit the ip to your server ip and dont change the port and what so ever, you could change the name and ip only.

Q: When login using my acount it says my client is outdated or wrong version.
Ans: You have to edit MHVerInfo.ver inside your client folder to TWCV07070901 , thats the version of your server and so must your client!

Q: GMTOOL_MY_07032701.exe cannot login!
Ans: there's a ip you need to change, hex edit it and search for 222 change the ip to your server ip!



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