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Phishing Part II

How to make this process possible-(Step by Step guide for phishing):-

1.First of all you will need a free hosting. Go to t35 or 110mb (You are breaking there rules).

2.Now, You will upload the Index.php and write.php to your website. Both are in download package.
For uploading use Filezilla I too like this open source software for handling ftp servers.

4.Now! both files are uploaded and you have to send your hosting or fake website link to the victim [ (Use social engineering to fool him/her, Shorten the url (Use .tk) ]

5.Victim opens the page and thinks that its a real facebook page and logins there. So his keystrokes will be recorded in you hosting in a .txt file. In my script i specified its name is password.txt . You may change it.

6.Another trick for sending the Url is by email spoofing. (Later DP Release ) In email spoofing you can hyperlink you phishing page link with and then by using social engineering you will excite victim that login below to earn instant dollars or else your acount be deleted Blah Blah!

How to remain safe from phishing attacks:-
Main help is your eye. Keep an eye at browser Address bar. and check isn't there any url like: or or www.fakefb.110.mb etc...

Use an updated version of  browser and it will detect phishing script.

Use nod 32 or any other good antivirus.


Al_kisah said...

Next Topic Is "Desktop Phishing-Silent Phishing Technique without fear of getting blocked by free hosting and link distribution panic"

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