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iStealer - Stolen Password Required
Hi all. Posted Mr.Hac actually want to remove the entry ni. But at the time tu Mr.Hac is still kinda blur 'with iStealer (Noob They say). Then some tests were performed on a PC powered by Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Tests done on a PC with Windows XP running smoothly, but on Ubuntu it does not work because the software seems Wine does not provide 'permit' to open it.
So what is iStealer? iStealer is a tool to steal passwords from the target we want.It's very different from the Keylogger, where it only works once and only stealing passwords stored on the web browser, rather than a more comprehensive keylogger and more efficient. This means that if there is no password stored on the target browser, the result you get is zero, the tone, zilch aka empty. But if there is a password, then you'll smile because you have succeeded in getting the target's confidential information.
Let us try to see a full tutorial how to use iStealer on the video below:

Okay. Let us look also at the conclusion of the video above. What you need is to make the iStealer are:
1. Download the first iStealer at its official website: iStealer
2. FTP accounts. You can get free FTP account at drivehq or eSmartStart. Also available in 000webhost but recently heard to be doing 'surveys' in advance. It's up to you, follow that which is easy for you, ok?
3. Ideally, you need Crypter to bypass anti-virus detection on the server that has been made. If you do not want to buy commercial Crypter, preferably try to get a Public / Home Crypter recent as this version usually quickly detected by antivirus regularly updated.
hope you will try this tool because it is easy to use. However, NO GUARANTEE of that this is a clean tool from the elements is not good!Even if you download it from Megaupload link to the official web site builders!So when should you use Sandboxie to run iStealer your PC safe from Trojans and other viruses. Please try it out!

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