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Phishing Part I

Basic Concept of Phishing:-

I will show you a facebook phishing page and the method on how to make such page.

Note : All this is for awareness and educational purpose. Don't be crazy enough to fool innocents.

So, the hacker makes an exact copy of the facebook, orkut, yahoo, msn or any other bank sites login page and then he uses a script to get the password and username and embeds that script in the forum of the login field. First of all download the facebook phishing page here :
Download ( Skip the add on clicking this link from top right corner ) <Credit To "hackerthefirst"
Update: Password for archive is 123
So! the basic scheme of phishing is demonstrated by pictures in case of facebook orignal login page. See the pic below :
Thats the orignal source code of facebook login page and when we login our action is sent to the url written next to the highlighted portion.

What hackers do they copy all he source code of facebook phishing page and replace this Url with their own exploit. I have given this exploit with the name of write.php in the download package. So, it will become as below :
And thats it Login forum is now attached with exploit. Thats the basic concept.

Here is screen shot of "write.php":


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